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Introducing a new concept of LingJob

We are happy to present a redesigned LingJob with much more possibilities! Now you will be able to share, sell, buy and download already written content, publications and other documents. We also invite you to use file storage and other new features.

How to become a successful freelancer?


Becoming a successful freelancer can be tough, especially if you have never done this thing before. It involves many abilities, from being able to write grammatically correct texts to having at least basic business skills. So here are few basic tips to help you get your first contract at Lingjob.


Site updates: communicate privately, discuss on forum, write to our blog

Our new features aim to ease communication all over LingJob website. We hope that the  live chat tool will make work process much productive and our new forum and blog will help you share your minds and advice with each other.

Explore our new features: update your profile and hire freelancers easier

During the last month we have updated LingJob with new features that will make our site more user-friendly. Now freelancers may update their profiles by showing more personal skills; clients may find suitable freelancers by using real-time response filters.

Web content – why is it so important for business?

Most businessmen invest a large portion of their assets into a website – it is important to make it attractive and accessible for the customer. However, before you start, you should consider another issue, which is just as important. Overlooking the quality of written content can be a big mistake. Even if the website is attractive to the eye, a potential client might not only refuse to buy the product, but also never return to the website again if he does not find an intriguing statement or reads an unattractive description.

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