Multi-language on LingJob - work effectively in every region

November 15, 2013

On LingJob you can enjoy unique functionality and introduce yourself in a native language of potential client. You can create your own profiles in several languages and set one as default. Other users will see your profile in the language they are logged-on. This feature will help everyone work effectively in the desirable country or region.


How does it work?

1. Go to your accounts' section "About Me" and add as many languages to your profile as you want. If you want to work, for example, in English, Spanish and French, simply select "Add new" to add languages.

2. You can enter your resume, work experience, education and attach certificates in different languages. When the profile's language is changed, this information will also change. Settings of skills such as a role of client or a freelancer, professional skills and languages are translated automatically.

3. It's important to set your default language. Users will see the main profile if one in the particular language is not created.

4. You may also change the profile language while reading other user's profile and get information in other languages.