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How Freelance Content Writer Can Help Your Business with Social Media?

Now businesses have started to realize that Facebook pages or Twitter accounts followed by thousands of people with strange profiles do not actually convert to something useful for their brands. These fans are not actually reading your content. Even if they like or share your posts, the primary purpose is usually getting some bonus or gift.

Many marketers agree that quality content is the key factor in gaining real user engagement. Keeping your social media content fresh and relevant, makes your customers and clients feel involved and interested. Yes, such content is really hard to compose or it’s quite expensive to get written by professionals. Although just some of the emerging company owners are aware of the freelancing niche in social media content writing and take advantage of it.

I have run down through the history of related freelance writing jobs on our platform and have composed this list of tasks that can be perfectly outsourced through the internet in lower cost and should help improve your social media presence.

1. Hire freelancer for blog writing

Posting engaging content on your websites’ blog is a great internet marketing that supports your business. Even short daily posts of 100-200 words, reviewing your products, services, customer experiences or just covering topics that are interesting, entertaining and relevant to your business, can make your blog appearing in the high positions of search engines. Freelance writing jobs might be a perfect solution here, but hiring a writer who could make really engaging content from the insiders’ perspective can be tough. 

Of course, we do provide clients with the information about previous work freelancer has been involved in and feedback provided by other clients. Giving sample tests to write some piece of text to prove writing skills also works usually well, but there are still some good tricks to do.

Many of the freelance writers are using social media to market themselves and find clients, so in the way they are already experts and know what drives people to the websites. Before hiring, it’s always good to do some research on how this freelancer is marketing himself or herself in Facebook, Twitter, and personal blog and realize does he or she have the expertise needed.

2. Polish your social media posts and leads

Writing and posting on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus, etc., can be perfectly done by a freelance copywriter. You will only see real growth in likes or followers, if you have some expert to produce regular clever posts and comments.

Before hiring a freelance copywriter, it’s a good idea to craft your social media plan and order posts to be written for at least one month in advance. If you don‘t have an in-house staff to compose a plan, it’s also possible to hire a freelancer for researching your needs in social media and determine what messages you should be sending and where.

3. Get advantage from freelance journalism jobs

Hire article writers and distribute unique content through your social media accounts. Real interviews with your customers, clients, experts or even employees make your stories much more credible than that talking from your brands perspective. Anyway, good story is not everything. Writing blockbusting headlines and making it SEO rich is no less essential to get the maximum effect.

4. Turn content into slideshows

Transforming your content into summarized, easy readable and picture illustrated slideshows is a great idea to deliver your information in a friendly way. Some of the most useful infographics or PPT presentations, embedded in such tools as Slide Share can even go viral and bring unimpeachable results. Of course this requires great writing skills, social media skills and at least basics in design.

5. Make it shine by editing and proofreading

These relevantly cheap freelance writing jobs may highly improve the content quality of your blog or website. Hiring a native freelance writer is a good choice, especially, if you are working in foreign markets and have to speak to international audiences.

6. Grow SEO with content writers

SEO copywriting is essential making your content optimized for results in search on Google and other engines. Effective content is absolutely critical in generating traffic to your website and probably the cheapest in terms of advertising and another paid means.

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