Great news: LingJob will work with the youth organization LiJOT

December 2, 2013

LingJob has signed a cooperation agreement with the Lithuanian Youth Council (LiJOT) – the biggest non-governmental, non-profit umbrella structure for Lithuanian national youth organizations and regional unions of youth organizations. From now on, we will carry out joint projects to educate young people about the benefits of freelance work and about such carrier opportunities around the world.

"I am always happy to cooperate with new partners. Now we will be able to encourage young people to become entrepreneurial and also to get practice working in the freelance workspace on the internet – thanks to LingJobs‘ given special access to their portal," said the president of the LiJOT Mantas Zabarka

LiJOT and LingJob plan to organize joint events, make presentations, render information campaigns for young people and carry out educational activities through the media, etc. The contract was signed for the period of one year, but we have no doubt that it will be extended.