Dispute resolution service becomes available only after contract rejection procedure.

Should a dispute arise between you and your client or freelancer, it may be necessary to involve our Dispute Resolution Center. Dispute resolution option becomes available only after contract rejection procedure in particular work room.

LingJob ensures that the client pays only for work that meets a high standard of quality. However, our unique Dispute Resolution Center also ensures that the freelancer will always get paid for a well-done job. If a client has rejected the work and provided reasonable arguments, but the freelancer disagrees, then the freelancer can register a complaint in the work room. Our dispute resolution judge will assess the situation and make an appropriate decision.

In case of user inactiveness, LingJob mediation is not necessary.  If the freelancer is late to submit a job for 3 days, the reserved money is automatically returned to the client. On the other hand, if the client does not take any action in the period of 14 days after submission of ordered work, the funds are automatically transferred to freelancer. If there is an uncertain situation, please consult with us.


The Dispute Resolution Center is available to clients as well as freelancers. It’s important to note that the cost of registering a dispute is equal to either 10 percent of the contracted job price or 20 USD (or equivalent to 20 USD), whichever is greater. The fee for registering a dispute over a Short Job is fixed at 10 USD (or equivalent to 10 USD).

Throughout the dispute resolution period, LingJob has the right to require both parties to provide conclusive evidence for their case, including any related documents. Written or oral evidence must be translated into English. For more information please email us info@lingjob.com.