Freelance writer hiring tips

How Freelance Content Writer Can Help Your Business with Social Media?

Now businesses have started to realize that Facebook pages or Twitter accounts followed by thousands of people with strange profiles do not actually convert to something useful for their brands. These fans are not actually reading your content. Even if they like or share your posts, the primary purpose is usually getting some bonus or gift.

Virtual employees: what are the challenges of hiring a freelancer?

In a digital age, more and more companies, especially those that are just starting up, seek out at least part of their working force online – this helps to save time, reduce costs and acquire services that would otherwise be out-of-reach. Even though such an alternative is appealing, you must consider that it is not without its challenges as well: you will have to communicate with, assign tasks and trust a freelancer or an entire freelancing team, whom you will never get to meet in person.

Web content – why is it so important for business?

Most businessmen invest a large portion of their assets into a website – it is important to make it attractive and accessible for the customer. However, before you start, you should consider another issue, which is just as important. Overlooking the quality of written content can be a big mistake. Even if the website is attractive to the eye, a potential client might not only refuse to buy the product, but also never return to the website again if he does not find an intriguing statement or reads an unattractive description.