Question: How can I get a job writing or translating in order to earn money?

          Answer: Please find a detailed guide by clicking the link Write for Money.

Question: What is the difference between a regular job and "Short job"?

Answer: Regular jobs are all the jobs open to bidding from freelancers. You only start working on the job if you have won the bid. Once your work is submitted and approved, you’ll get paid.

"Short Jobs" ask for short pieces of text that are no longer than 1000 characters. It’s a great feature if someone needs a quick paragraph translated or a new slogan written. You can do the job in advance and name a price. If the client is satified with the price, then you get paid. They only see your work after they have paid you.

Question: How do I find a writing or translating job offer that matches my skills?

Answer: All of the job offers are listed in the “Browse Jobs” section. Simply sort them by a category to find the ones you find most suitable to your needs and skills.  Learn about the difference between regular job offers and Short Jobs above.

Question: I have submitted my job, but the client does not perform any action. What do I do?

Answer: If the client does not take any action in the period of 14 days after submission of ordered work, the funds are automatically transferred to freelancer. On the other hand, if the freelancer is late to submit a job for 3 days, the reserved money is automatically returned to the client. If there is an uncertain situation, please consult with us.

Question: What do I do if the client has rejected my writing even though I believe I did a good job?

Answer: If your writing or translation was rejected, but you believe it meets all of the requirements set by the client, register a dispute in your dashboard or just email us to If our dispute resolution judge decides that your work is properly done, you will receive payment. It’s important to note that registering a dispute with the Dispute Resolution Center carries a cost. For a regular job, the cost of registering a dispute is equal to either 10 percent of the contracted job price or to 20 USD (or equivalent of 20 USD), whichever is greater. The fee for registering a dispute over a Short job is fixed at 10 USD. Read more about the process here.

Question: How much will I earn?

Answer: LingJob takes a commission of 12 percent from the actual earnings of a freelancer, so you will receive 88 percent of any transaction. There are no more fees. We do, however, provide paid membership services that will help you become more visible to potential clients and will help you win jobs.

Question: Why didn't I get paid for my writing?

Answer: Your job may not be approved yet. The client should review your writing and submit comments until the deadline as set in the job offer. If you have not received any answers in 14 days, your job will be approved automatically and the money will be immediately transferred to your account.

Your client has a right to reject your job entirety. The job is likely to be rejected if it's poorly written, if it doesn't meet the task requirements, or if the content is not unique.

Question: Why is it important to provide feedback about your client?

Answer: Clients can be rated as well as freelancers. Your feedback about your client is valuable information for other writers and translators. They may choose whether or not to bid on a job offer according to the client’s ratings.

Question: Can I create my profile in more than one language?

Answer: You can create your own profiles in several languages and set one as default. Other users will see your profile in the language they are logged-on. This option is available in your account "About Me" section. Find detailed guide here.