Question: How can I get content or translation I need?

Answer: Please, find a detailed guide by clicking Hire freelancers.

Question: What is the difference between a Regular job and a Short job?

Answer: Regular jobs are all the jobs open to bidding from freelancers. Writer will start working on the job if they have won the bid and will get paid for writing when it’s approved.

Short writing jobs - ask for short pieces of text that should not be longer than 1000 characters. It’s a great feature if someone needs a quick paragraph translated or a new slogan written. Simply posts a task in Short Jobs section or upload related document. The freelance writers will do the job in advance and name a price. If the price satisfies you, click "Buy" and the payment is automatically transferred to the writer.

Question: What happens in case of disagreement between freelancer and employer?

Answer: If the freelancer and client can't find the solution by themselves, the arbitrary will decide who is right. The freelancer gets his pay only if a job is done properly. Otherwise, the client gets all his money back.  It’s important that the initiator has to pay a fee, which is equal to the greater of the following amounts: 10 percent of the job price or the sum equal to 20 USD. The fee for Short job dispute settlement is always fixed and equals to 10 USD. Read more in here.

Question: How do I ensure to find the right freelancer and get quality content written?

Answer: You can always check the profiles of freelancers who bid on your job. To ensure the quality, hire the top rated professionals. There is also an option to deal only with the top writers or the ones you have already worked with. When you create a job offer, select the particular writers from the list. Remember, you don’t ever have to pay for the unsatisfactory content.

Question: Freelancer hasn't submitted a job until my deadline. What do I do?

Answer: If the freelancer is late to submit a job for 3 days, the reserved money is automatically returned to the client. On the other hand, if the client does not take any action in the period of 14 days after submission of ordered work, the funds are automatically transferred to freelancer. If there is an uncertain situation, please consult with us.

Question: What do I do if I have to provide freelance writer with any information?

Answer: You can communicate with the writer during all the period of work process: send messages, documents or talk live on chat.

Question: What do I do if I am not satisfied with the content quality?

Answer: If you are not satisfied with content, reject it and write comments to freelancer to make corrections. If you think that the writer is not capable of doing the job, you can completely reject it. In this case, you will get all your money back. This option is available in particular "work room".

Question: Why is it important to provide a feedback about freelance writer?

Answer: Your rating is valuable information for other users. If you hire freelancer with a good feedback, you will likely get a content or translation of good quality.

Question: How much does LingJob charge a client?

Answer: There are no fees for client, job posts are also free. You have to pay only the agreed sum of money to the freelancer. We also provide paid Membership services that can help you hire freelance writers faster and even cheaper.

Question: Can I create my profile in more than one language?

Answer: You can create your own profile in several languages and set one as default. Other users will see your profile in the language they are logged-on. This option is available in your profile "About Me" section. Find detailed guide here.