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  • We order the variety of written content on LingJob - product descriptions, copy texts for flyers, leaflets and content for websites. It's worth working with freelancers. That would be considerably more expensive to employ someone or buy services from the agency. We do not have any complaints about the quality of the work.
    Mantas Paliokas – ,,
  • Our company builds websites and mobile apps to foreign clients, so we often need English proofreading service. We find it easy way to hire such a professionals on LingJob, where are plenty of great experts in IT sector. They work well and inexpensively. To hire a full-time employee would cost significantly more.
    Edis Galvonas –
  • Our e-shop business constantly needs descriptions and reviews of new products. It's very convenient to buy such content on LingJob. We don't have to waste time on meetings, make contracts and worry about the payments. We also get our invoices here. All of this saves time. We are happy that now our website looks much more professional.
    Julius Baltrenas –
  • We mainly work in Western markets, so we constantly need professionally written PR and marketing content. The largest benefit of LingJob is the opportunity to work online with native translators and editors of foreign countries.
    Arturas Jonkus –


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